Requested ARC Review: Muscle For Hire by Lexxie Couper

Format: E-bookmuscleforhire
Read with: Adobe Reader for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd
Hero: Aslin Rhodes
Heroine: Rowan Hemsworth
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: January 29, 2013
Started On: January 4, 2013
Finished On: January 9, 2013

You’ve got to hand it Lexxie, she certainly knows how to make a girl sweat in all the right places when it comes to creating heroes of the panty-melting variety. Muscle for Hire is the story of the ultra-delicious bodyguard Aslin Rhodes whom readers of Nick Blackthorne’s story Love’s Rhythm must have already encountered. An ex-SAS commando, Aslin is British, and excels in the role of protection all too well, not surprising considering that being that is what he has done more than half of his life.

Rowan Hemsworth is a force to be reckoned with all on her own. Older sister of Chris Huntley, the star of hit sitcom Twice Too Many, Rowan considers it her duty to protect her younger brother from all sorts of ‘threats’ of the lethal kind and otherwise. Rowan has her own share of nightmares from the past, something she deals with by arming herself with the only weapon she knows to not let herself fall into a vulnerable position. Well versed in the art of self defense, Rowan is not at all pleased with Aslin and his presence in her brother’s life until danger comes calling to their very doorstep.

From the moment Aslin and Rowan meet, sparks fly and there is no denying the red hot attraction that leaps to life between them. Aslin who is at a loss as to how his life would map out in the future is shaken to his depths when the feisty Australian makes all of Aslin come to life. He does not have a clue as to how to make it work between him and Rowan apart from the fact that he wouldn’t be able to turn his back on what she makes him feel.

To say that Rowan has issues that she battles with on a daily basis would be an understatement. When Aslin with his off the chart sexy British accent and perfectly made body makes her body thrum and hum in desire of a scale that she has never yet encountered before, Rowan knows that she is in trouble of the deep shit variety. Aslin doesn’t factor into her life plan of looking after her brother and keeping him out of trouble of any sort that may brew, but then Aslin is not the type of man that one simply turns their back on and Rowan knows that even though backing out might give her a respite from the heat and some breathing space, there would always linger on the ache of unfulfilled desire and need that would haunt and taunt her in his absence.

Amidst the haze of wanton desire that surrounds these two, the danger that comes calling adds a bit of a tangible spice of a different variety to the story filled to the brim with scenes of the seat squirming variety when Aslin and Rowan go at each other. Their coming together is blistering hot, almost like the Australian weather is looking right now, a lot of wildness and heat; just perfect for two people like Aslin and Rowan, and of course, trademark Lexxie Couper!

I loved Aslin. After all, what woman in their right mind would turn away from the lethal weapon of seduction that he presents just by being himself? I am afraid I don’t come equipped with the kind of willpower that would allow me to remain unaffected and I wouldn’t have it any other way. And Rowan I must say is Aslin’s match in every single way. Its because she herself is a master in the art of self defense techniques that she understands Aslin on a level that is essential to Aslin’s makeup, to make things work on an emotional level between them. Likewise, it is Aslin’s past that enables him to look beyond Rowan’s hangups to be there for her in a way no one has in a long, long time.

For those who know what Lexxie can do with her erotic romances, I’m absolutely certain that you would not need any further urging on my part. But just in case, let me tell you, a British ex-SAS commando officer hot on the heels of a feisty Australian makes for all kinds of hot bouts of loving and that is reason enough to get yourself a copy. And I loved how the elements of suspense all came together and gave the book a well rounded edge to it that just made it all the more worthwhile a read. Recommended.

Favorite Quotes

Without a word, he rose to his feet and rounded the table to stand before her. Curling his fingers around her firmly toned upper arm, he hauled her off her feet with a single tug and captured her lips in a searing kiss.
He plundered her mouth straight away. He didn’t care they were in a public bar. He didn’t give a sodding rat’s arse. He wanted her. She wanted him. It was simple.

Their lips came together, hard and savage and brutal. The kiss was wild. He crushed her to his body and fucked her mouth with his tongue, her moans of rapture heating his lust. She clung to him, her fingernails scraping at the back of his neck as he drove her backward to the brick wall behind her.
She cried out, throwing her head back, wrapping her right leg around his thigh. He dragged his lips down the column of her throat, biting, sucking as he went. Her flesh was smooth and soft, velvet beneath his tongue, lips and teeth. He couldn’t get enough. He wanted to feel more of her. All of her.

She pressed her hips to his, rolled them, wanting to feel the solid steel of his erection trapped by his jeans grind against the curve of her sex. 
He growled into her mouth. That was the only word for it, a growl, animalistic and dominating. Her pussy turned to liquid need at the purely male sound. She raked her nails over his shoulder, knotted her fingers in the hair at his nape. He lashed his tongue against hers, his rigid cock pressing into her belly.
Her head swam. Her sex throbbed. She gave herself over to his control, the kiss igniting a need within her she could no longer ignore.

Before she could do anything – and with reflexes as fast as hers, she should have been able to do something – his hands came up to cup her face and he brushed his lips over hers.
She froze, the gentle beauty of the simple kiss stealing any ability in her to move.
When he straightened, her breath caught at the raw desire in his eyes. There was nothing arrogant, dominating, threatening or confusing about it. Just pure desire.

He deepened the kiss, taking possession of her mouth and pleasure. She couldn’t fight it, couldn’t fight him. She didn’t want to. Not anymore. Hell could rise up and damn them all, but Rowan wouldn’t care. As long as she was in Aslin’s strong arms, being kissed by him, worshipped by him.

He hissed in a breath, thrusting his hips forward.
Rowan’s pulse quickened. She slid her hands down his torso and her head swam at the sculpted shaped of his abs under her fingers. They were so hard, so defined. The man was the epitome of physical perfection. And she was going to fuck him.

A slight tug on her fly told her he’d done what she ached for him to do. As did the cool air flowing over her newly exposed p#ssy mound. He covered the curve of her mons with a rain of tiny kisses, workig her hotpants over her hips with his hands.
“M-my boots,” she whispered, shifting enough on the mattress to aide his removal of her shorts and thong.
“Can stay on,” he rumbled back, flicking his tongue over the sensitive area of flesh where her thigh became her groin. “They’re too fucking sexy to take off.”

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