Review: Trading Favors by Tatiana March

Format: E-booktradingfavors
Read with: Kindle for iPad
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Men at Work
Publisher: TM Romance
Hero: Robert Connell
Heroine: Madeline Livingstone
Sensuality: 3.5
Date of Publication: September 25, 2012
Started On: February 05, 2013
Finished On: February 05, 2013

Being a fan of Tatiana March and my restlessness to read something that would captivate me found myself visiting her website to find out whether any new books by Tatiana had come out. To my delightful surprise I found that she indeed has a couple of new books out which I am dying to read one by one. Trading Favors which is a novella caught my eye the most and from page one, I loved it so much that I read it in one sitting as soon as I went to bed that night.

Madeline Livingstone (Maddie) finds herself divorced by her husband Frank at the age of 32. On the night her divorce is finalized, upon the advice of her friend, Maddie gets drunk enough to get the courage to walk up to Robert (Rocco) and demand to know why he had cheated her out on the work she had hired him to do at her house. To her embarrassment, Maddie comes to the realization and hard truth that not only had her ex-husband dumped her and opted to go for a newer model, he had also duped her in so many other ways which brings to home just how naive her trust in him had being.

When Rocco turns up on her doorstep the next morning and makes a deal with her to finish the repairs on the house, the one glaring fact that comes to light is the red-hot attraction that simmers and flares to life between them. Maddie who has been told time and yet again that she is undesirable and that she would always remain so has a lot of self-esteem issues to recover from. Not to mention her childhood that had instilled in her the proper manners befitting a lady of her upbringing makes Maddie afraid to reach out and take what she wants when Rocco is more than willing to offer himself to her.

When Maddie does find the courage inside of herself to say yes to Rocco, he shows her a world of sensuous desire that Maddie never ever thought possible. A slave to the way he makes her feel, neither of them talks about the future and opts to live in the moment. With a little bit of tangible angst added to the mix and a hotter than sin hero who just made me melt in all the right ways, Trading Favors is an awesome read that lifted up my spirits and made me smile and hum in all the right places. One of the things I loved the most was the unique beginning to the story that certainly makes it worthwhile a mention. Highly recommended.

Beautiful and sensuous. I loved it.

Favorite Quotes

The water started coming down harder and a little colder. The stream cascaded over her head, rivulets running down her face. Rocco brought his mouth back to hers. Deep, consuming kisses. The heat from his mouth mixed with the cool drops that ran down her skin, creating the most erotic sensation she’d ever experienced.

“I’m not sure this is a good idea…” Her words trailed away.
“Maddie.” Rocco dropped his towel to the floor and walked up to her. He took the damp bundle from her and patted excess water from her hair, his movements clumsy. “I don’t know how to do this right.” He leaned down and spoke softly into her ear. “But trust me, when we get into bed, right is my middle name.”

Rocco lowered his head for a quick, rough kiss, and then he rose above her, his shoulders wide, his biceps rippling with force, his arms locked straight at the elbows. He pulled back and thrust back into her, hard and deep. She felt her body clenching around him. He withdrew again, only to surge back in. Once. Twice. Thrice. Her body spun out of control. Pleasure rolled over her, in crashing waves that swept her along.

“You won’t need any clothes tonight.”
He mounted her without any finesse, thrusting hard and deep, filling her. The first orgasm hit her almost at once, but he didn’t pause, didn’t even slow down. He seemed to go on forever, steady, insistent strokes that started the tension coiling inside her again almost as soon as rolling waves of the previous release had stopped buffeting her.
She couldn’t see in the darkness, couldn’t see his expression, but she could feel the frustration and ill temper that drove him, could feel the sweat that made their bodies slick. She could hear the harsh grunts that he made no effort to silence. Could almost taste the flavor of his anger, because she’d asked a question that implied she had no faith in him.

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