Review: Monster by Julia Sykes

Format: E-bookGolden Portrait
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Impossible #1
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Sean Reynolds
Heroine: Claudia Ellers
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: March 29, 2013
Started On: April 20, 2013
Finished On: April 22, 2013

Hero: Sean Reynolds; an enigma that if I describe would spoil the book for those who would love to get their hands on this one.

Heroine: Dr. Claudia Ellers, a pediatrician whose life goal has been to take care of kids, who puts up emotional walls so high to keep herself disconnected from the rest of the world as a way to keep herself from getting hurt.

Storyline: Claudia finds herself kidnapped at gunpoint and escorted to the premises where Sean Reynolds is in need of treatment from a gunshot wound. Secrecy surrounds the man known as Sean, a man who tempts Claudia beyond reason even under the most bizarre circumstances that life has dealt her with yet.

Time period: Book 1 in the Impossible series has a contemporary setting and is told in first person from Claudia’s point of view.

Likes: It was quite by chance that I came across this novel for free on Amazon for the day and the blurb convinced me to add it to my pile of reads. I am someone who always loves it when an author delivers something different, a hero that is not putty in the heroine’s hands from chapter one of the story. Perhaps its because my love for romances began with stories that tended to have heroes who can be assholes to quite a degree, but when they fall, it makes me more appreciative of the men they are. And Monster seemed like a good story to focus my attention on when authors hardly deliver those kinds of heroes anymore; not surprising when feminists can give reviews that can practically break a book in half and perhaps end the writing career of an author just as she begins to get started.

Hence to my amazement, I found Sean to be a hero having that perfect balance of charm and a wealth of secrets in his eyes and the kind of arrogance that lets you know that he has truly earned the right to be arrogant where women are concerned; if you know what I mean. And then there is that dark and edgy vibe to him that made me practically squirm in my seat right along with Claudia herself who is helplessly ensnared in the depth of hidden pain that lurks in the shadows of those beautiful green eyes of his.

Being just the debut novel of this series entitled “Impossible”, the book ends on a cliffhanger and provides those tidbits that makes it hard to not buy the second book in the series which I did so immediately after I finished Monster last night.

There is a certain degree of darkness in the book, a little bit of BDSM which lends this book the right mix of scorching heat which just made Sean more appealing in my eyes. And then there is Claudia. She is dedicated, loyal and has been hurt so badly in the past that she locks the warm, giving and sensual woman she is deep inside and seldom lets that part of herself come out. But when Sean comes into the picture, regardless of all the advice that she gives herself, she finds that she is unable to say no to the answering fire that blazes to life in Sean’s eyes as they are both caught in the web of desire that refuses to let go!

I loved every bit of their reluctant yet scorching hot attraction towards each other which just blazed across the pages and made the read that much more unforgettable.

Dislikes: It is always a facet that irks me when authors choose to write in first person and tell the story from just character’s point of view because I feel that I miss out on the other character’s feelings and reactions. But somehow Julia Sykes makes this series work, if the 1st book is anything to judge it by. I’m just going to hold my tongue for now and see where Julia leads me as the 3rd & final book in the series is to come out early next month!

Recommended for: If you love a romance with a sexy alpha hero with a bit of a dark edge, Monster is the place to start. If light BDSM doesn’t turn you off, I recommend that you try. I certainly couldn’t get enough!

Final Verdict: Intense & thought provoking, Monster is definitely an appetite whetter!

Favorite Quotes

For a moment, his mouth was still against mine. My only warning was a low, rumbling growl. His hand left my face to tangle itself in my long hair, fisting at the nape of my neck. He pulled sharply, and I drew in a shocked breath at the slight pain as my head dropped back in response. Only when my lips were offered up to him in the way that he wanted did he finally take my mouth.

I let out a small whimper at the overwhelming intensity of his dominant gaze, but it turned into a shocked, delighted cry as he abruptly drove into me in one long, swift thrust. My arms jerked against his grip as I writhed beneath him, trying to adjust to the sudden large intrusion that stretched me so ruthlessly after years of emptiness. But he held me fast, his steely grip and his hard cock pinning me in place. He stayed utterly still for a moment, his face contorted with the effort of holding himself back.

He stared down at me forbiddingly, the ferocity of his expression instantly stilling my efforts. “What did I just tell you?” He asked harshly. “Who controls this fuck, Claudia?”
I quelled under him, my body trembling as I felt myself submit to him completely, ceding to his will. “You do,” I whispered.
[…] “Your pussy is mine now, Claudia,” he said roughly, driving home his possessive words with another harsh thrust. “Isn’t it?” Another demanding thrust. “Tell me,” he growled.
“Yes,” I said breathlessly, almost delirious from the pleasure he was giving me. “I’m yours, Sean.”

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