Requested Review: Blood Avenged by Gabrielle Bisset

Format: E-bookbloodavenged.jpg
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Sons of Navarus, #1
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Vasilije
Heroine: Sasa Lambert
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: December 11, 2011
Started On: July 2, 2013
Finished On: July 3, 2013

Hero: Vasilije is a 400 year old vampire; powerful and ruthless with a hidden streak of kindness for those whom he chooses. Vasilije is lonely and restless though it would take a wooden stake through his heart for him to admit the fact – if ever.

Heroine: 27 year old Sasa Lambert has been taking care of her ailing mother so much so that she hasn’t had any time to worry about anything beyond that. Sasa is willing to do pretty much anything if it means helping alleviate the pain her mother is going through.

Storyline: Blood Avenged is the 1st book in the Sons of Navarus series. A run in an old nemesis of Vasilije stirs up trouble which has him turning up in New Orleans to hunt down the killer of one of his vampires. And thats where he runs into Sasa, the human who tempts, infuriates & comforts him on a level no one has in a long, long while.

Setting: Blood Avenged takes place for the most part in New Orleans and is told from the viewpoints of both Vasilije and Sasa.

Likes: Vasilije makes for an intriguing vampire hero. He is this intricate mix of ruthlessness with an inherent kindness that shines through him at the oddest moments. Hell hath no fury like a sire whose vampire has been killed and that’s exactly what Vasilije is and of course the reaction his nemesis expects from him. Vasilije is someone who keeps his emotions close to his chest, something a little bit more difficult to do around a woman like Sasa. I truly loved the fact that Vasilije stayed true to his character even till the end of the book.

Sasa might have started out on the wrong footing but she does try her darnedest to  make things right. Her vulnerability when it comes to Vasilije is one that she continually questions and the only saving grace for her is the fact that even Vasilije doesn’t seem to fare off any better.

Overall, I liked the easy style of writing that drew me in and I am definitely going to delve into the next set of books in the series.

Dislikes: None.

Recommended for: Fans of vampire romances and heroes with a bit of a ruthless streak in them.

Final Verdict: An exciting debut that definitely has whetted my appetite for more!

Favorite Quotes

Desperate to have him inside her, she pulled his mouth to hers and flicked her tongue again over the tip of one fang. In the dark, she was blind to his reaction but every other sense screamed to her that she wouldn’t have to wait a second longer for him to give her what she craved.
With no warning, he thrust into her, filling the empty space completely and taking her breath away.

Sasa stared up at him with wide eyes. “Please tell me you put some kind of spell or something on me. Tell me there’s a reason why every time you’re this close to me I want you more than I’ve ever wanted any other man.”
Her words hit him deep inside and made his cock stiffen hard as a rock. The thought of being inside her right then made his mind race with possibilities. Unable to stop himself, he dipped his head down to let his mouth softly touch hers and slid his tongue between her lips.

In a blur, Vasilije had her hands pinned above her head and was tearing her skirt and panties from her body. Before she knew it, his clothes had vanished and his cock was pressed against her entrance. Seconds later, he thrust his body into hers.
God, she didn’t want to want him like this. She didn’t want to enjoy the sound of his groans so full of desire each time he rammed his cock into her. She didn’t want to love the feel of his mouth, devouring her passion with a need that matched her own.
But she did. She wanted every inch of him, every moment of him, every touch of him.
Her body burned for everything he was.

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