Review: Pride and Passion by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Format: E-book
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Sensuality: 3
Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd.
Hero:  Jake Tolliver
Heroine: Lily Harris
Date of Publication: March 9, 2010
Started On: March 11, 2010
Finished On: March 11, 2010

Upon receiving the monthly newsletter that I get from Samhain Publishing and reading the synopsis of this book, I sort of had expectations that this book would turn out to be a delicious read. Though the story ain’t half bad it just felt like reading a Harlequin romance where petty jealousy and trust issues are pretty much the core material for the book which otherwise could have been made into a great romance.

Lily Harris is a woman who has nowhere to turn to. With her father dead leaving her with a mountain of debt and noway to crawl out of the mess with life as she knew it intact, Lily is surprised and shocked when her father’s business partner Jake Tolliver steps into clear away the mess and keep her safe. Lily has always felt apprehensive around Jake and this time round no less when Jake proposes that she marry him so that she could go on living the rich heiress lifestyle Lily has been accustomed to.

Whilst the truth of the matter is that Jake has always wanted Lily by his side ever since he saw her one year back and had been working towards making her his, Jake has his issues to deal with as well. Growing up with a mother who continually had to justify to Jake’s father that she wasn’t being unfaithful to him but rather trying to make a living for her and her son and getting beaten up for it has left its mark on Jake. Jake hasn’t ever done commitment to a woman and it would take some doing before he would explain his comings and goings to a woman and justify his associates and friends to a woman in his life like his mother had had to do everyday of her life.

Lily doesn’t understand all this when she is thrust into the cutthroat world that Jake inhabits. Jake and Lily enters into a wager that Jake would let Lily work at and learn the ropes of the business that her father so much loved, and if she does it before the new year rolls in, she wouldn’t need to marry Jake unless she comes to him on her own terms.

I don’t understand why Lily couldn’t trust Jake. I mean yes the guy was a Casanova before he tried getting together with Lily, but all she sees are the various pictures of the models and voluptuous women on his arm whilst being photographed all over the world. Of course it doesn’t help matters when Jake doesn’t come forward and explain that he is just a business partner and friend of Dee, the woman whom at first Lily tries to throw at Jake to ward his attentions off from her.

Anyhow by the end, as any typical Harlequin style romance novel, the hero manages to give and give and the heroine manages to thwart every effort of his until some calamity supposedly takes his life, or so the heroine thinks which makes her admit her feelings to the hero and that’s  the first thing that she does when she finds out he survived.

Ah, I guess I am just disappointed that this novel didn’t turn out to be what I expected. It could have been so much more. Really!

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