Review: Beg Me by Shiloh Walker

Format: E-bookbegme
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Self-Published
Hero: Drake Bennett
Heroine: Tania Sinclair
Sensuality: 4.5
Date of Publication: November 19, 2010
Started On: November 19, 2010
Finished On: November 20, 2010

Ever since Ms. Walker announced on Twitter that she had an upcoming contemporary erotic romance release titled “Beg Me” and that she was going to release it on Smashwords, I have been on tenterhooks so to say, awaiting eagerly for its release. One reason being that I love books by Ms. Walker as her titles ALWAYS deliver what they promise and also because regardless of the fact that I love all sorts of romances, contemporary romance is the genre I prefer above everything else. And so onto my review I go, of this very different title by Ms. Walker, which I couldn’t put down since I loaded it onto my Kindle around 2 hours back.

Tania Sinclair is a woman who is haunted by the death of her husband Kyle Sinclair, and 3 years on what devastates her more than anything else is the fact that Kyle’s identical twin brother Kent had ruined all of the good memories that she had stocked up on her beloved husband who had embraced the rough and kinky side of her that craves for the not your usual type of sex, but rather role playing of a bit more kinkier variety. It doesn’t help matters when her ex-mother-in-law Gail Sinclair blames her for the deaths of not one but two of her sons, something Tania would much rather prefer feeling than the emptiness that she had been living with since that fateful night two years back.

Sick and tired of being unable to enjoy what she wants to enjoy, Tania turns to the one man who she knows she can trust enough to deliver on all counts. Drake Bennett, Kyle’s best friend since childhood, someone who had come to mean a lot to Tania as well all through the years. Though Kyle nor Tania has a clue, Drake had fallen in love with his best friend’s girl when they had just been dating and Drake knows that his heart and soul would belong to Tania though he knows that she is far from getting over that nightmarish night that had put those deep shadows in her eyes.

When Tania proposes that Drake ease her back into the world of sensual delights and give her back the one thing that she craves more than anything else, Drake who can never  say no to the woman he loves gives in, knowing that if all Tania wants from him is just sex of the rough and kinky variety that she sometimes craves, his heart would just break into pieces when he would have to walk away from it all. But as Tania learns from Drake’s first touch itself, the feelings that he invokes even with a graze of his fingers on her skin creates total havoc on her senses and the answering need that she sees deep within Drake’s eyes acts as the most soothing healing balm of all on her tattered heart and soul.

As the title itself is testament enough, this story contains material that would prove offensive to certain readers. Role playing which includes playing out of rape fantasies take place within this story and so if you are the type of person who does not like such content in your erotica then this book is not for you.

Apart from this book being one of the most different books that I have read to date, I liked the “forbidden love” aspect of the story as in Drake loving and lusting after the wife of his best friend, but being honorable enough never to cross that line when Kyle had been around. And even when the playing field had evened out, Drake had bided his time until Tania had been the one to approach him and initiate things to take their platonic relationship to the next level. I absolutely loved Drake as the hero because even with all the intensely wicked role playing that was going on, he still managed to show his tenderness and love for Tania through his actions. The way Drake breaks down during the last couple of scenes just damn near broke my heart, and made me love him even more in the end.Though I enjoyed reading this highly unusual romance, I do wish that Ms. Walker had included some scenes of “normal” or rather tender love scenes between Drake and Tania that would have balanced out the story in the end.

I would recommend this for readers who can withstand their erotica with more than the usual rough and kinky sex, and for those who are fans of Ms. Walker’s contemporary erotic romances.

Kudos to Ms. Walker for pulling it off with a story such as this one, and I can’t help but wish for more contemporaries from her, which I keep bugging her about now and then on Twitter.

Favorite Quotes

“Can you make it so I can’t remember?”
His throat went tight, He could barely manage to breathe. Slipping out of his booth, he moved to sit next to her. She leaned against him with a sigh. “No, baby. I can’t. I would if I could, though. I’d take it all away if I could.”
She sniffled. Then she sighed and reached down, touching his inner forearm, tracing a fingernail over the skin there, along the lines of his tattoo. The stylized S. “You would, wouldn’t you, Superman?”
“Yeah.” He kissed her brow. “I’d undo the past three years for you if I could figure out a way.”
“How about you just keep holding me for a little while instead?”
“Yeah.” He breathed in the scent of her hair, felt the crack in his heart widen. “I can do that.”

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  1. Wow.. you read fast. Glad you liked it… Yeah, it’s not going to be an easy read and definitely not for everybody…

    Um… I’ve got the romantic suspenses due out from Ballantine, but not for a while…



    1. Yeah its not. But I enjoyed the story anyhow.
      Ah yes, am so looking forward to those RS novels. I loved Broken and Fragile and definitely WOULD NOT miss them!!



  2. WHEN WILL U WRITE A ROMANCE NOVEL! I’ll BE ALL OVER IT IF I KNEW . I THINK U SHOULD or THATS UR NEXT STEP U MAY NOT REALIZED IT YET PERHAPS…hmMmmm..or maybe U have written it already heyyyyyy what givesssss…hmmmm…:O)!



  3. Ruby: Aww!! Who? Me?? You are too kind!! I sometimes think about it. When I was in school one of my English teachers in fact encouraged me to make a go for it. He said he would help me out. But then life happened, career happened and time has swept away.. Maybe I’ll give it a try one of these days. Who knows? And you will be one of the first people to know about it ;)



  4. awwwwwwwwww U R to kind. but mind ya I no from here on in I take that statement as a vow..;O). I’ll hold u 2..! By the way do U No that u R a speed Reader?! Gee whizzzzzzzz..! I dont know whether u should call ur self speedy ,flash or gift reader..:D. Seriously ,though I agree with ur English teach( many languages do u speak?), I also think u r that person((naturalist)) that could eazzzily make a go of it. from where I’am at u r a genius at multi tasking u make it l@@k effortless,combine with the greatest of ease. Maybe when you’ve slow down on sowing ur Romantic wild that possible but any way just do it babe as the Nike commercial says((giggle))! OOH yeah can I have ur autograph..most kind lady ma’ma’ sir..?!



  5. Haha, as I said before, you are too kind my friend ;)
    English is my second language. I am a Maldivian so we have our own language we call as Dhivehi. I don’t speak or write in any other language but I can read Arabic. That’s the extent of my literacy ingenuity :P
    Thank you for your compliments mademoiselle ;)



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