Pick of the Month Giveaway Winners

Pick #1: The Dragon & The Pearl by Jeannie Lin

Leni who left the comment:

Luke was fuming when he got home. He hated the whole idea of his new neighbors. It wasn’t bad enough that the largest part of his hay crop had been ruined by too much rain, or that cattle prices were falling after a bacteria scare.

This is from: Love With A Long, Tall Texan by Diana Palmer

Pick #2: Lethal by Sandra Brown

Mariee who happened to be the only one who requested for this book, who left the comment:

I shivered when the tang of the sea hit my nose, and I gestured at the path. “The nightmares are that way.” Somehow I knew it to be true; if I were to follow it, I’d come to a rocky cliff, golden dunes, and a swirling sea of darkness.

From A Brush of Darkness by Allison Pang


I will be contacting both winners by e-mail. You have until the end of 8th of October 2011 to respond.

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