ARC Review: Three Days, Two Nights by MJ Fredrick

Format: E-bookthreedaystwonights
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Carina Press
Hero: Nathaniel Reis
Heroine: Teresa Bonner
Sensuality: 3.5
Date of Publication: October 24, 2011
Started On: October 17, 2011
Finished On: October 17, 2011

With Three Days, Two Nights which is set to be released from Carina Press on the 24th of this month, MJ Fredrick once again proves the reason why I just flat-out love her stories so much. She has a talent for giving depth to her characters and has a way with squeezing out every bit of feeling from the reader that just makes for a heady reading experience.

Three Days, Two Nights is a novella, though short that managed to satisfy me in every way that counts. Nathanial Reis is a retired Air Force pilot, who owns an airfield in Florida, who is ever so determined that he would win over the affections of his ex-wife Teresa Bonner (Tess) who walked out on him a year ago. Nat had lost sight of what was important; the happiness that had been such a visceral part of their marriage which had started to fade away from the moment Nat had focused on making a name for himself as an Air Force pilot.

Tess had walked out on her marriage because their marriage wasn’t working anymore and her leaving had served to be the slap on the face that Nat had needed to understand that his priorities needed to change if he were to win over the affections of Tess all over again.

The plan to do so runs into a little bit of trouble when Tess and Nat finds themselves stranded in an island in the middle of nowhere; Tess wanting nothing more than to get away from the forceful presence of Nat that keeps reminding her of all the good things that had made their marriage and relationship so hard to walk away from. As Nat brings on the heat, Tess finds herself succumbing to the ever present desire that remains, that seems to be stronger than ever. With physical intimacy of the mind blowing kind, the walls that Tess has built around her emotions and heart starts crumbling down, the assault that Nat lays on her senses proving to be the pivotal point in Nat’s attempt to win his ex-wife back for good.

Three Days, Two Nights is a steamy and tender novel at the same time, delivering scorching scenes of passion that just about took my breath away. Always in love with a man who has a well placed tattoo that just makes the man that much sexier, I found myself totally head over heels from the moment Nat’s armband tattoo came to light. The significance of the tattoo which when later revealed turned out to be such a sweet gesture that I was sighing all over my e-reader and wishing for a man just like Nat to sweep me away!

I loved the way Ms. Fredrick was able to shed light onto so many facets of their marriage that hadn’t worked out and yet managed to show the good things between them that had drawn Nat and Tess towards each other in the first place. Its the way she brings forth the emotions between her characters that has me time and yet again seeking out her books and of course the beautiful cover of this novella is worthy of a mention in the review.

Beautifully done, delivering on the sensual and romance aspect, Three Days, Two Nights is another winner by one of my favorite authors, one I cannot recommend highly enough.

Favorite Quotes

“I need you to help me lift the plane so I can put this under it.”
She stared. “You’ve clearly mistaken me for the Incredible Hulk.”
The familiar charming grin flashed as he glanced at her legs. “No. Never that. It’s not as heavy as it looks.”

His sleeve rode up, revealing an armband tattoo that hadn’t been there before. She was not the kind to get turned on by tattoos, normally, but this one, on the hard-muscled arm of the man she’d once loved, the man she was stuck here with—dangerous. Too dangerous.

Instinct, memory, something, had her taking a step toward him. She slipped on a mossy rock and floundered. He clasped his hands around her upper arms but instead of helping her gain her feet, he drew her closer so she braced her hands against his chest. Her fingers flexed briefly in the hard muscle beneath the crisp chest hair and every womanly sense in her came alive, everything she’d forgotten, everything she’d pushed aside.

[Tess] “Your penis has forgotten we’re divorced,” she muttered.
“My penis always had a thing for you,” he said.
The way the words rumbled in his chest, vibrated against her back, shouldn’t have turned her on, but her body remembered him, too, the fit of him, the slide of him, the way he fit, just right. Better than the damn vibrator, which didn’t include his weight over her, his hands on her body, his mouth on her breasts.

He captured her wrists and pinned them to the tree before covering her mouth with his.
This was no gentle kiss, but one filled with hunger long denied, lips crushing, tongue sliding deep, as if he couldn’t get enough of the taste of her.

He leaned forward to rub his lips against her collarbone, up her throat, his lips soft, dry, his stubble adding just enough roughness to arouse. She inclined her head, offering, inviting, pleading. He gripped the back of her thighs, pulling her closer, his hands on her ass as he thrust into her, meeting her rhythm, finding their rhythm, the one they’d always been so good at. His hands were familiar on her skin, knew just where to touch. The cadence of his breathing, the taste of his mouth, all brought back how good they’d been together.

He braced his feet apart and lowered his mouth to her throat and lapped the droplets of water from her skin. “I want to feel your mouth on me. I want you to touch me. Christ, Tess, I’ve missed you.” He followed the slope of her breast and hovered above her nipple, waiting.
Finally her lips caressed the column of his throat, her tongue making trails over his skin, her mouth moving down to his chest, across his pec to his nipple, which she bit. Punishment, he knew, but a turn-on anyway.

He angled his mouth across hers, his kiss gentle, seductive, but sweet in a way that made her forget they were standing naked in the middle of the ocean. It was a kiss that explored more than the physical. He seemed to probe her emotions as well, and laid his own out for her to do with what she would.

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