Requested ARC Review: Afternoon Rhapsody by Jess Dee

Format: E-bookafternoonrhapsody
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novella
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Bandicoot Cove: The Wedding, #1
Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd.
Hero: Broderick Evans
Heroine: Bianca Rogers
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: September 4, 2012
Started On: September 4, 2012
Finished On: September 13, 2012

Afternoon Rhapsody by Jess Dee is a spin off from the Bandicoot series of which I have read and immensely enjoyed a book or two. True to Jess’s style, even though Afternoon Rhapsody is a novella, she manages to take the reader through a lot of emotional  potholes and at the same time delivers erotica as it is meant to be; scorching hot enough to melt your panties off!

Bianca Rogers is attending the wedding of Aidan and Mack and is trying to forget the fact that she has been separated for more than year from the man she had been married to since she was sixteen. For just the duration of her time away from everything strenuous, Bianca would like nothing better than to tumble the sheets with the tall and hot as sin man she stumbles into, a man who basically stuns her with with the immediacy of her physical reaction to him. At the same time Broderick Evans invokes in her, memories of her husband Rick whom she can’t help but remember as events that unfold brings along with it the good and the bad bits of a marriage that is still very much a part of who she is.

Afternoon Rhapsody is a novella with which Jess managed to surprise me, all in a good way of course. Since it would spoil things for those who haven’t read the story, I’d rather keep a lid on exactly what it was that surprised me, but the fact that the story managed to do that makes me remember it at odd moments.

Afternoon Rhapsody is a story that deals with the difficult topic of two people who are on the verge of a divorce, just days away from signing the papers that would signify the end of a relationship that had defined them for such a long time. Ten years of marriage down the tubes, what had worked and what hadn’t worked and what in the end had managed to drive them apart made for an engrossing read for me and echoed with something deep inside of me. I’ve said this always and I’d say this again – marriage is tough business. One just doesn’t sail through the stormy and the not so stormy weather it brings along as the years pass on by. It needs commitment, acceptance, compromise and a whole lot of other ‘sacrifices’ that two people may not be able to make, both at the same time. And somehow Jess manages to drive home the point of what is important, those little and subtle things that at first don’t seem to matter, but then over time fester onto become problems of epic proportions which just doesn’t bode well when it comes to so many years spent together and when the love that they both feel for each other is such a huge part of both of them.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the story deals with all depressing aspects of a relationship. Rather, Jess delivers a scorching hot read that practically had me reaching for my tall iced glass of water, time and yet again to quench the parched throat of mine which seemed to be a never ending one as both Broderick and Bianca practically set my iPad on fire with the heat that they generate together, which could most probably generate enough power to light up a small village. There were moments where I nearly gulped my own tongue inside, moments where my tummy was tied up in knots and then there were those moments that I was amazed at the way Jess handled everything from those emotional minefields to sensuous moments that were all memorable in their own right.

If you are a fan of Jess Dee’s remarkable novels, this is a must read! For those who are new to her talent at melting practically all your clothes off, you need to read this. Broderick would have you panting in no time at all!

Favorite Quotes

Brody’s soft growl changed to a ragged groan when the barrier of his wet boardies proved too annoying, and she slipped her hand beneath the sodden material, taking his hot, pulsing cock in her palm.
Then it wasn’t just Brody groaning. Bianca let out a soft moan, the feel of his hard flesh enough to set fire to her loins.
Satin-covered steel.

Pearls of moisture beaded on the tip of his erection. She stopped breathing. Ran her thumb over the wetness. Moaned.
He tore his lips from hers. “Bee…”
Her name was both a salutation and a plea. His eyes blazed with passion.

With every thrust of those fingers, he touched something inside her, something deep, a knot of nerves that increased her pleasure exponentially. But that wasn’t all he touched. With every plunge, every lick, he touched her soul. Reached a part of her she’d repressed for so long.

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