Requested Review: No Flowers Required by Cari Quinn

Format: E-booknoflowersrequired
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Love Required, Book 2
Publisher: Entangled Publishing (Brazen)
Hero: Dillon James
Heroine: Alexa Elizabeth Conroy
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: August 23, 2012
Started On: December 2, 2012
Finished On: December 7, 2012

No Flower Required by Cari Quinn is book 2 in the Love Required series. Alexa is the owner of Divine Flowers, a flower shop that had come under her ownership when her boss and mentor for twenty years, who had owned the shop before, had died, leaving the shop and all its financial woes to be borne by none other than Alexa. Alexa is more than up to the challenge, and her furious anger towards the Value Hardware chain that seems to be intent on running small businesses like hers to the ground surely does add to her problems which seems to mount right in front of her day after day.

When Alexa runs into Dillon James, the attraction that takes her unawares right from the start makes Alexa wary of Dillon but nothing and absolutely nothing can prevent her from wanting him in every way possible. Though Dillon knows the wisest thing would be to stay away from Alexa, owing to the fact how she feels about his family and the fact that she doesn’t have a clue as to who he is really, all good intentions fly out the window with a warm and willing Alexa in his arms making his head spin and reel with heady desire that neither of them can deny.

Though both Dillon and Alexa may try hard to not let things between them escalate further than just a casual romp in the bed, things become much more complicated than that when feelings from both sides enter the equation making their “relationship” anything but casual. As combustive is their sexual chemistry, so are the feelings of the emotional variety that starts to grow and foster and before they both know it, both Dillon and Alexa become the most important people in each other’s lives – but with Dillon’s secret still looming over their heads, the question of the hour becomes, would their love be able to withstand the havoc that the truth would bring to the equation?

First of all, let me just say, WOW! I just loved, loved, loved No Flowers Required and felt like hugging Cari to pieces after reading Dillon and Alexa’s story. And goodness me, was this story hot!! I felt my cheeks heat up more than once and don’t even ask me what was happening elsewhere as Cari pretty much scorched up the pages with undeniable heat and passion that just made this story that much more memorable.

There is no denying the fact that I loved Dillon and Alexa and all the characters that came forth in the story. And oh yes, I am dying to read Cory’s story, who happens to be the more ruthless older brother of Dillon who already owns a place in my heart after seeing the glimpses of him Cari threw into this story along the way. The fact that Dillon wears a tool-belt and is the hottest thing around since sliced bread, and I mean that in the best way possible, is more than reason enough to love him to bits. No, seriously, Dillon is such an amazing hero. He might be misguided into thinking that keeping the truth of who he actually is would work in his favor, i.e. show him the honest and real woman in Alexa when Dillon has time and yet again being pursued for his family name instead of the man he is. But Dillon more than makes up for that blunder by being there for Alexa, time and yet again, even when his own work demands him to be elsewhere, and the sweet things he does for Alexa just made me sigh and wish that all men were like Dillon when they materialize into this world. Oh well, a gal can always dream.

Alexa is a woman who knows the effect she has on men and what she has to do to achieve what she wants from them. But none of that seems to work on Dillon and that throws her into unfamiliar territory which brings out the vulnerable side of her that few rarely see. Though Alexa tries hard not to let Dillon matter in her life, the fact that he puts her needs above and beyond everything else shatters the walls she has so painstakingly built over the years to keep people at bay and before she knows it, she is head over feet in love with Dillon and there is literally no turning back from the way that he makes her feel.

Though I know Alexa had her reasons for giving Dillon such a hard time towards the end, I still felt like she was a bit too hard on him. Maybe that’s because I was so in love with Dillon and was already measuring up every man in my life up to him. All kidding aside, No Flowers Required is a fantastic book, a romance worth your money and time if a fantastic cast of characters and good storytelling is what you are looking for. And if fantastic hot bouts of loving are your thing, look no further for No Flowers Required provides that in abundance, enough to wet your appetite for much much more before you are through. Highly recommended!

Favorite Quotes

She moved whip-fast, slamming her hands on his chest and him against the door before his brain caught up. The watering can clattered onto the ground. She spared it a brief, puzzled glance, then fisted her hands in his T-shirt and arched up, her mouth coming closer—
Fuck it.
He fused his mouth to hers, and dammit, it was even better than he’d expected.

He hissed upon meeting the thin strip of fabric between her cheeks, somehow not surprised she’d gone the thong route. Her flesh burned his palms, hotter than even the rain that now pelted them with the force of countless tiny nails. But she was all he could feel, all he could taste as they consumed each other with ravenous kisses.

She had him.
And, oh shit, did she have him. Lock, stock, and fully loaded barrel, ready to blow.
Her hands were on his cock, working it in rough pulls through his jeans. He yanked down the shoulder of her tank top and feasted on the swell of flesh that plumped over the top, using his tongue to trace her damp nipple. Slick with rain, fragrant with her summery floral scent. Sunshine in the middle of the storm.

With a circle of his finger she stilled in his arms. With another she came back to life, clutching him deeper. Tempting him with small rocks of her pelvis. Drawing him to claim her there, first with his fingers, then his cock. That last joining would be both the beginning and their end.

Once more he pulled back in a futile attempt to prolong the inevitable, but she gripped him deep and tight, ripping a shout from him when the first gush of her release took him under. Her orgasm rippled all the way through him, as strong as the lash of rain against his back and neck. He drove into her over and over, his climax firing pinwheels of light behind his closed lids. An explosion of white-hot energy, unleashed.

He didn’t answer, and apparently he didn’t need to breathe either. He just latched onto her sex and used his tongue to drive her out of her mind, sweeping up and down as quick as a brushfire. Never landing anywhere long enough to truly make her burn, just igniting a million little sparks along the way. She arched against him, her need spiraling higher with each swipe.

Again and again he hit that spot inside her, the one that made her legs jerk and tremble in his grip, and she whimpered when he sank in deep and his balls slapped her ass. After that she didn’t hear anything but her own endless moans, erupting from her lips while she bowed up to meet his downward slides. He pulled her legs up high, embedding himself to the root inside her, and she screamed, her sheath spasming so hard with her climax that he shouted an oath and followed her.

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