Review: The Duality Principle by Rebecca Grace Allen

Format: E-bookthedualityprinciple
Read with: iBooks for iPad
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Portland Rebels, #1
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Hero: Connor Starks
Heroine: Gabriella Evans
Sensuality: 3.5
Date of Publication: November 11, 2014
Started On: February 20, 2015
Finished On: March 3, 2015

“A rose represents promises and hope, but its beauty is bonded with thorns. It embodies pain and loss. Combined together, they are in perfect harmony, equal parts beautiful and strong.”

I have somehow forgotten how I stumbled across this book, but I bet there is a good story behind it. The Duality Principle by Rebecca Grace Allen is a contemporary romance that is based on quite the “brainy” principle of duality. The heroine Gabriella Evans is doing her PhD in disproving the duality principle which states that “if a theorem is true, it remains true if each object and operation is replaced by its dual.” Gabriella is not just super intelligent, she is also someone who is tired of hiding her true nature from the men she had accepted into her life up till now. The fact that every single one of them had left her feeling like she is doing something wrong by wanting more from the physical aspect of their relationships had left its scar on her.

Gabriella comes to Portland, Maine to not only sort her thoughts out and work on her thesis, but to say goodbye to the home that had been her grandmother’s, a home that holds sentimental value to her and she is having a hard time letting go of. Her relationships with her parents is a tension filled one at best, and Gabriella comes seeking the solitude which she has always found at her grandmother’s place. When her best friend suggests that she go on a blind date with a friend of hers, Gabriella goes along with it, not thinking that anything much would come out of it. However, when Connor Starks shows up, there is something about him that makes her want to know more, that makes her senses go on red alert, and makes her want to climb, lick, kiss and suck every single inch of him. The fact that Connor seems to present two very contrasting sides of his character to her confuses her more and makes her want to unravel what it is that Connor is “hiding”.

Connor is the bad boy who has worked hard to walk the right path. The fact that Gabriella interests him on a level that no other woman has ever interested him before makes Connor fidgety about the fact that being true to his seductive nature could spell out trouble for him where his long term plans with Gabriella are concerned. But then again, the best laid plans always have a tendency of going awry, and time and yet again, Connor finds himself literally being driven crazy by the desire that makes him feel absolutely primal with wanting when it comes to Gabriella.

What made this book a fun read is the scorching hot sexual tension that sizzles through the pages, practically making me melt, on the spot. Connor is someone who turns up the heat, just like that, and there is nothing anyone can do but go along for the ride. The fact that Connor is the one who holds back, trying to do what is right as per his twisted logic when it comes to Gabriella is what lends the story the interesting tangent of angst that made this worth reading.

While most romance writers tend to shy away from writing brainy heroines of Gabriel’s nature, I found Gabriel to be an interesting mix. The duality that lives within her character, that is constantly at war with one another until Connor comes along and proves to her that he is man enough to handle both was quite compelling. The fact that I learned of a completely new-to-me nerd fact was the icing on the cake when it came to this book.

Recommended for those who love stories featuring sexy as sin, reformed bad boys who just can’t help but be bad with the right woman!

Final Verdict: Loved it!

Favorite Quotes

“You sure you don’t want any more?” he asked.
“I might want more.” But she didn’t mean the ice cream.
“You should. It tastes really good.”
He took the cone from her hand and slowly, purposefully gathered some ice cream onto the tip of his tongue. Closing the distance between them, he bent down to brush his lips against hers. For a moment, all she felt was hot breath and cold lips, and then his kiss washed over her. Gabriella melted into the feeling, drinking the ice cream that spilled from his mouth into hers.
Connor pulled back to take a breath and threw the cone to the ground.
“You taste better.” He roughly clasped her neck, cleaving her to him for another dizzying kiss. “Goddamn, you taste so good.”

Make an island of yourself, make yourself your refuge. There is no other refuge. Make truth your island. Make truth your refuge.

Connor slipped his hands to her bottom, and her hard exhale was as loud as his hiss when he squeezed. His lips brushed hers in an open-mouthed tease. “Am I hot yet?”
“Almost.” She reached back and drew one of his hands around to her belly. “Other side.”
Connor groaned and pulled her to him with the hand still grabbing her ass. He fell back against a nearby tree, leaning on it for support, and Gabriella licked the shell of his ear. Reveling in his shudder, she bit down on his earlobe and brought his hand down toward the waistband of her shorts. She popped the first button open for him, and Connor’s hand slipped inside.
“Now you’re burning up,” she told him.
“Fuck,” he said, his breathing hard and fast. When his fingers stroked over the damp fabric covering her slit, he seemed to completely forget about his quest. Instead, he simply snapped.

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Review: Taking Care of Business by Kathy Lyons

Format: E-booktakingcareofbusiness
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Forbidden Fantasies #24
Publisher: Harlequin
Hero: James Samuel Finn (Sam)
Heroine: Julie Thomson
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: November 1, 2010
Started On: November 6, 2010
Finished On: November 6, 2010

I found this title from an email I received from Books On Board. The first thing I noticed of course was the hot cover which depicts the hero and heroine in a clandestine position in an elevator of all places – yummy! After that it didn’t take much to convince me that this is just the kind of story that I would like and before I knew it I had the book loaded onto my Kindle ready for the indulgence to begin.

The Hero: James Samuel Finn or Sam is the CEO and the brains behind the multimillion dollar company Robotics for Everyone. Sam is not your typical multimillionaire such that he doesn’t want the fact that he is rich to define who he is. All his past relationships had all come to a halt because all those women had been in love with the multimillionaire Sam rather than the Sam who is most at home in his lab, tinkering away on new products in his overalls with a smudge of grease on  him to complete the picture.

The Heroine: Julie Thomson or Jules as Sam calls her is originally from Nebraska who comes to Chicago to fulfill her dreams of making it big in the city, a dream which had come about when she had just been twelve years old. Julie is the owner of Web Wit and Wonder, her very own advertising firm that she had started with her best friend and graphic artist Karen Wilson using the money that her parents had loaned to start up the business. Two years on, the company is about to go under and Julie knows in her heart that there is no place to go back, but home as a failure.

Storyline: The office space of Web Wit and Wonder is situated in the high rise building that Sam owns and it is by chance that one day Sam sees the beautiful Julie looking like a ray of sunshine in the midst of all the corporate stiffs, making their way towards the elevators. The next thing he knows, the woman who had fired up all his imagination from a distance is pressed to him from head to foot in a crowded elevator and to his surprise and utter delight Julie gives him a taste of what it would be like with her given half the chance. Julie is more than surprised by her own wanton behavior in a crowded elevator with a total stranger though the encounter fires up all her forbidden fantasies. Within a space of seven weeks, more encounters between the two take place all in crowded elevators signaling the beginning of a hot and heavy affair which both Julie and Sam promise would be just a sexual one with no pressure on both sides as Julie plans to close down her business and leave Chicago in the next 3 weeks. Not wanting Julie to know that he is actually the multimillionaire who owns the building, Sam uses the persona that he is most comfortable with, leading Julie to think that she is having her hot and heavy affair with a maintenance personnel in the building rather than its owner.

The First Encounter: The first encounter between Julie and Sam takes place inside a crowded elevator when Julie is pressed up against the delectable Elevator Man as she calls Sam at the beginning, to find out that Sam was having a very much involuntary reaction to her nearness which Julie takes advantage of before the elevator ride is up.

Time period: This story has a contemporary setting and takes place in Chicago.

Awareness between the hero and heroine: Kathy Lyons keeps the heat between Sam and Julie always at a simmer in true Blaze style which definitely makes this read one worth getting your hands on. From the very first encounter till the very last page, the constant hum of awareness and sexual zing between the two never ceases which makes this a great addition to the Harlequin Blaze line.

The turning point: Though both Sam and Julie vow before the start of their affair to keep things simple, they both connect on levels that has got nothing to do with the red hot attraction between them. As they join their bodies experiencing the best sex of their lives, so do other feelings come in to play making them both fall hopelessly in love in the process.

Ending: Though Sam tries to come clean about the part of him that is a multimillionaire, there just never seems to be a right time for the conversation and it is a betrayed Julie that walks out on Sam when she puts the pieces together to arrive at the ultimate conclusion. Of course this doesn’t mean that Julie and Sam do not get their happily ever after, but rather both of them face a small period of misery before giving into a relationship that was meant to be, right from the very beginning.


  1. Absolutely adore the cover. Fuels some forbidden fantasies of my own when I look at the cover. *wicked grin*
  2. I just simply fell in love with Sam right from the very beginning. His whole character from the way he takes care of those who are more vulnerable than himself to the way he just simply loves and wants what is best for Julie makes him a very special and endearing sort of hero.
  3. Loved Julie and her naughty nature. It just fully complements the solitary nature of the reclusive genius that Sam is.
  4. And of course the elevator smexing!! There is so much of it that I don’t think I would look at an elevator the same way I did before I read this book! ^_^

Dislikes: None

Recommended for: Those who love Harlequin Blaze titles.

Favorite Quotes

Lifting her gaze a little higher, she saw his chiseled jaw, slightly darkened by five o’clock shadow. His eyes were at half mast as his nostrils flared. He was inhaling, his chest expanding as he clearly took in the scent of her. She’d started dabbing heavy amounts of sandalwood on her wrists ever since she’d noticed he took a deep breath whenever he was near her.
She didn’t speak. She couldn’t speak. He was lounging against the back panel watching her with a predatory expression. As if he’d been waiting for her. As if he’d known she was getting on the elevator right then and was daring her to step into his lair.

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Short & Sweet Review: Mackenzie’s Mission by Linda Howard

Format: E-bookmackenziesmission
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Mackenzies, Book 2
Publisher: Silhouette
Hero: Colonel Joe Mackenzie
Heroine: Caroline Evans
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: August 1, 1992
Started On: October 31, 2010
Finished On: October 31, 2010

I have decided to go ahead and treat myself to the rest of the books on Linda Howard’s backlist which I have left unread for some reason or the other during the Linda Howard crazed fest which I found myself in the first time that I discovered Linda Howard as an author. I remember that I started to read this title after completely falling in love with the 1st book in the series, Mackenzie’s Mountain the first time round. I don’t know why but at that time I couldn’t muster up much interest in the story that unfolded, which now after finishing this story has left me completely dumbfounded as to the reason why I couldn’t continue with the story earlier. Oh well, better late than never I guess!

The Hero: Joe Mackenzie or “Breed” as he is called by his fellow co-workers has always known that he belonged in the sky. Joe had become a legend even before he had graduated from the academy and being the first in his graduating class, Joe had chosen to proceed with fighter jets though his six foot three frame is considered not the ideal height for fighter jet pilots. Like everything else, Joe excels in his chosen field through hard work and his god given talent and at the age of 32 Joe is made lieutenant colonel. When Joe had been young, his father Wolf Mackenzie had served time for a crime that he did not commit, and being a half-breed Joe had suffered a lot at the hands of one of the foster families that had taken him in. Joe thrives on his iron hard control both in and out of the sky and only lets go when he is back at home in Wyoming at his father’s ranch.

The Heroine: Caroline Evans is a 28 year old genius, a bona fide specialist in light amplification and optic targeting together with a PHD in Physics. Caroline had led an unusual childhood being the genius she is. Thirsting for knowledge that leaves her unsatisfied if she cannot get enough, her parents who are both PHD holders themselves had identified Caroline’s gift and nurtured it by providing her the best education possible. That had meant that Caroline had always felt out of place because she had rapidly advanced through the grades to find herself armed with her PHD by the time she turned 21 years old. Having no knowledge whatsoever of men, dating or the etiquette that goes along with the dating scene, Caroline has remained a virgin till now and knows that her best defense against men who come on to her strongly is to act prickly and totally cut them off before anything can happen. And it serves her well, that is until she meets Joe Mackenzie who shatters her very soul just by one piercing look from his light blue eyes.

Storyline: Joe has been assigned the task of ironing out the kinks in a new second generation advanced tactical fighter code named Night Wing which Joe calls as his baby. As the program manager it is Joe’s responsibility to work within the given time frame to push his baby to its limits and to take care of any tactical errors before it could go into full production. When one of the technician’s on Joe’s team suffers a minor heart attack, Caroline is brought in who manages to get under Joe’s skin right from the very beginning. And together with Caroline’s appearance starts a series of attempts to prevent Night Wing from making its deadline to production which needs the vote from the senate to acquire the funding required for its production. Joe who has always put his country first finds himself torn between the woman who sets his senses afire and his sense of duty to his country when all fingers point at Caroline to be the saboteur.

First Encounter: Joe walks in on Caroline whilst she is at the office getting acquainted with her assignment on the day of her arrival to the base. Joe who always walks silently, not because he wants to sneak up on people but because he had been taught that way to walk from the very beginning finds himself face to face with 100% infuriated woman because Joe had scared the wits out of her by letting his presence be known.

Time period: Story has a contemporary setting and takes place at the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

Awareness between the hero and the heroine: I don’t know how she does it, but Linda Howard always delivers on the simmering and sizzling sexuality between her heroes and heroines. Joe and Caroline are no exception to that rule and from the very first moment these two meet, its a battle of sensual delights that meets its heady culmination delivering everything that I as a reader craved for and more.

The turning point: It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Caroline is more than wary of the intense feelings that Joe so effortlessly invokes in her. Having never tasted the headiness of mind blowing passion or lust, Caroline is helplessly ensnared by the sensuality that is an inherent part of who Joe is. When Joe realizes that Caroline’s skittishness is a result of her naivete when it comes to the opposite sex, Joe offers a wicked plan to thwart all the unwanted attention from the other pilots who seem too keen to move in for the kill. Joe would stake his claim on Caroline so that she could work in peace a condition to which Caroline agrees which irrevocably changes life as Caroline knows it in the arms of her fighter pilot.

Ending: Before the story is through, Joe makes the ultimate mistake of doubting Caroline, a betrayal that leaves Caroline reeling from it. Caroline long since having admitted to herself that she has fallen irrevocably in love with Joe feels doubly betrayed by the fact that the man in whose arms she had found joy unlike anything else she has known before can stare at her so coldly and think the worst thing possible of her. Before the ending is through, the actual saboteurs nearly succeed in eliminating Joe and Caroline as potential witnesses to their activities, the series of events which makes Joe take into account his feelings for Caroline.

Likes: Joe Mackenzie from his delectable head to foot. I felt tingles running up and down my spine every single time he seduced Caroline and he seduced me right along with her – Darn the man! I liked the fact that Caroline doesn’t let Joe walk all over her in his attempt to fulfill the role of being the alpha male that he is. And loved revisiting Wolf Mackenzie’s mountain once again, a story that still brings a warm smile to my face.

Dislikes: None.

Recommended for: Fans of Linda Howard, fans of romance stories with a little bit of suspense in the mix.

Favorite Quotes

“Hold out your hand,” he commanded softly, and she obeyed.
His hard, warm hand enclosed her fingers, and he pulled her closer even as he bent. His mouth lightly touched hers, lifted, settled again. He turned his head slightly to adjust the pressure, and somehow the motion parted her own lips, so that they yielded to the molding of his. …
She felt enticed rather than coerced, and his taste was filling her senses. Warm pleasure shuddered up from her depths; with a little whimper she opened her mouth, and slowly he took her.

She had chosen to wear a halter top sundress with a full skirt, deciding that it no longer mattered if he could slide his hand under it, since she had given him permission to do much more than that, but she nearly had heart failure when that warm, hard hand slipped up under the material and squeezed her bare thigh.
All thoughts of food fled her mind. She stared at him, hunger of another sort building, her need revealed in her suddenly darkened eyes and quickened breath. Joe lightly stroked her inner thigh with his fingertips, then forced himself to withdraw his hand.

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Review: The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie by Jennifer Ashley

Format: E-bookmadness
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Highland Pleasures, Book 1
Publisher: Leisure Books
Hero: Lord Ian Mackenzie
Heroine: Beth Ackerley
Sensuality: 3.5
First Published on:  April 28, 2009
Started On: October 1, 2010
Finished On: October 2, 2010

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie lived up to and exceeded all the expectations I had before I started on this novel. A lot of romance readers on Amazon seem to unanimously agree that this is one of the best historical romances that has been published of late and the awards that this book has received is testament enough that this story is a favorite amongst many romance readers.

This story is the first title in a series entitled as Highland Pleasures by Jennifer Ashely of which the second book in the series has already been published on July of this year. The Mackenzie family is Scottish in its origins and was one of the most powerful families in the region during the 1800’s. Hart Mackenzie who is the Duke of Kilmorgan is the eldest followed by Mac, Cameron and Ian who is the youngest.

Ian Mackenzie is a genius (who was suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome?) who was gravely misunderstood during his childhood. With a father who was driven to rages and drinking, Ian had always been the odd one who had stood out from his siblings. With his analytical genius mind which would remember everything he has read or heard verbatim and the ability to play music that he has heard once flawlessly though he never understands the normal modes of behavior always lands him in trouble. When Ian witnesses the murder of his mother at his father’s hands during one of his fits of rages, Ian’s father has him declared insane and locks him up in an asylum where he spends his childhood until his father’s untimely death ends in Hart attaining dukedom. Because Ian is misunderstood, he has always been labeled as the mad one in the family. The Mackenzie’s though powerful has always been considered wild and uncouth and it was considered unfit for a lady to be in the presence of a Mackenzie without a chaperon.

Ian and his tendency to collect Ming porcelain items lands him in the company of Sir Lyndon Mather who has got himself engaged to Mrs. Thomas Ackertey (Beth Ackertey), a widower who had come into a considerable fortune on the passing of her employer Mrs. Barrington.  Beth’s father had been a Frenchmen who had seduced her mother, a daughter of an English squire into marrying him which had ended up in her mother being disowned. Her father had died when Beth had been quite young leaving them both destitute which had resulted in both mother and daughter having to seek refuge at a workhouse. When Beth’s mother had died when she had been 15 years old, Beth had managed to acquire a teaching position at the workhouse and when she had turned 19, Thomas Ackerley the vicar newly in charge of the workhouse had married her. A year later, Thomas had died of a fever and Mrs. Barrington had hired her as her companion whom Beth had looked after for the past 9 years.

When Beth first lays her eyes on Ian, his massive height, width of his shoulders together with his dark hair and amber eyes that always seem so restless take her breath away.  The heat that slowly starts to burn within her in the presence of Ian is something that Beth had almost forgotten that her body could feel. Having agreed to marriage to Mather had been Beth’s way of making sure that she would never be lonely during the years to come and also the route to having her own children someday. What she never expects to happen is for Ian to warn her of Mather’s rather unusual sexual preferences and the fact that Mather was actually interested in her money rather than herself. Ian knows something worth protecting when he sees one and he so badly wants Beth. And before the first encounter between the two is over, Ian thoroughly kisses the delectable Beth and proposes marriage to her as well the latter of which Beth refuses though she is more than tempted.

Ian wants to protect Beth from all the rumors and the darkness that surround his family. The murder of a whore named Sally Tate that had long gone unsolved which Detective Inspector Lloyd Fellows was trying to pin on the Mackenzie’s with a vengeance; particularly to send Ian back to the asylum where he supposedly belongs to is something that Ian would rather Beth doesn’t find out. When another whore who named Lily Martin is viciously murdered Fellows swears that he wouldn’t stop his quest for justice until the Mackenzie’s pay for their crimes. Beth however has a mind and a will of her own that Ian has no idea how to predict or control and before long Beth has it in her mind to find out who actually committed the murders so that her beloved husband would finally be free of the nightmares that haunt him day and night.

I absolutely loved reading this story. Ian is a hero so very worth drooling over with his eccentric and unusual behavior. What he fears most is looking Beth in her eyes because it is the one place in this world that Ian fears he might lose himself in. Ian who doesn’t know how to express emotions like normal people do has a hard time believing that he has the capability of falling in love, something which Beth disproves so beautifully before the story is through. I loved Beth for her courage and unwavering belief in the man she comes to love, and for the fact that she understands Ian better than anyone else. The love scenes are beautifully done with a hero whose unwavering focus on what he is doing is a delight in itself. I am so very interested in reading about all the Mackenzie men because Ms. Ashely has definitely whetted my appetite for more.

All in all, recommended for all romance lovers. This is a MUST read!

Favorite Quotes

She heard the echoes of Ian’s screams in her head. Beth pressed her forehead to his hands, her heart wrenching. Ian’s hands were large, sinews hard under his kid-leather gloves. Yes, he was strong. In the Tuileres Gardens, it had taken both Mac and Curry to pull him away from Fellows. That didn’t mean others could try to tear at that strength, try to defeat him. The doctors in the horrible asylum had done it, and now Fellows was trying to.
I’m falling in love with you, she wanted to say into their clasped hands. Do you mind awfully?

Ian closed his eyes. Beth watched emotions flicker across his face, the uncertainty, the stubbornness, the raw pain he’d lived with for so long. He didn’t always know how to express his emotions, but that didn’t mean he didn’t feel them deeply.
When Ian slowly opened his eyes, he guided his gaze directly to Beth’s. His golden eyes shimmered and sparkled, pupils ringed with green. He held her gaze steadily, not blinking, or shifting away.

“I love you,” he said.
Beth caught her breath, and sudden tears blurred her vision.
Love you,” Ian repeated. His gaze  bore into hers harder than Hart’s ever could hope to. “Love you, love you, love you, love you, love you, love you…”

Ian cupped her chin and turned her face up to his. Then he did what he’d been practicing since the night on the train – he looked her fully in the eyes.
He couldn’t always do it. Sometimes his gaze simply refused to obey, and he’d turn away with a growl. But more and more he’d been able to focus directly on her. Ian’s eyes were beautiful, even more so when his pupils widened with desire. “Have I told you today that I love you?” he asked. “A few dozen times. Not that I mind.”
As a young woman who’d been starved for love much of her life, Beth lapped up Ian’s generous outpouring of the words. He’d surprise her with them, catching her as she walked down the hall, pushing her up against a wall, breathing, “I love you.” Or he’d tickle her awake and tell her while she tried to hit him with a pillow. The best was when he lay against her in the dark, fingers tracing her body. She treasured his whispered
, “I love you.”

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Review: Miss Congeniality by Shelly Laurenston

Format: E-bookwhenhewasbad
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Magnus Pack, Book 3.5
Publisher: Brava
Hero: Niles Van Holtz
Heroine: Professor Irene Conridge
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: June 1, 2008
Started On: June 13, 2010
Finished On: June 13, 2010

Oh my god! This has to be one of the most hilarious and witty romances that I have ever come across. Van, a wolf shape shifter, who would one day become the Alpha Male of his family’s pack doesn’t understand the reason why he has always hunted after Professor Irene Conridge ever since he had locked onto her scent seven years back.

Van’s family being one of the richest families in the area, frequently turns up at the fund raising functions for Irene’s university and even the opening dialog itself had me smiling. Irene is a genius physicist who has no time whatsoever for the frivolities in life. She couldn’t be any more different from the sexy and compelling Van even if she tried. Though she had always found Van a trifle bit annoying to say the least since the guy seemed to turn up at every function she attended to discuss her choice of undergarments, one of her experiments puts Irene in danger and it is Van and his pack that rescues her from being devoured by a pack of lions and hyenas.

Van has no choice but to mark her as his mate, though Van doesn’t believe in the folklore that surrounds the concept of marking a mate for life. Currently as happy as a clam with his mission of screwing anything that stands around long enough, Van all of a sudden finds himself uninterested in the plentiful female company that seems to surround him.

Its hilarious to read how these two try to stay away from one another but the simmering and oh so hot attraction that is unleashed right from the very first kiss is enough to keep you warm for all winters to come. Van is the type of hero you cannot go wrong with, someone who is tender, caring, protective and possessive to the right extent whilst understanding the complex genius of a woman Irene is.

With interesting side characters and a bit of danger that crops up every now and then, this is as good a romance can get. I couldn’t seem to put this book down once I started and I am definitely going to check out other books by the author. Her writing style is something you don’t come across every day.

A hot, funny and sensual read that makes for a beautiful romance, and an epilogue that I absolutely loved, this book is highly recommended even for those who do not read paranormal romances.

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Review: Test Me by Dee Tenorio

Format: E-booktestme
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd.
Hero: Travis Carmichael
Heroine: Vetta St. Claire
Sensuality: 4
Date of Publication: November 27, 2007
Started On: April 11, 2010
Finished On: April 12, 2010

Dee Tenorio has  officially landed on my auto-buy list after reading this book of hers. She did end up on my to be read author list after I reviewed Betting Hearts which was an awesome book of re-read worthy material, best friends turning into lovers romance. This book too is a great romance with a high dosage of sensuality that delivers a powerful addictive mix of romance and passion which made it impossible to put down once I started on it.

Travis and Vetta are both geniuses, scientists who share a building together who work on their own research projects. Its been seven years since they both first met and though Travis and Vetta are continuously at each others throats, Travis has always been the one constant in Vetta’s life which has always been sort of lonely with a billionaire father who is absentminded at the most and a beautiful actress of a mother who has a string of ex-husbands a mile long.

All the antagonism in Travis and Vetta’s relationship comes to a standstill when Travis walks in on a bare naked Vetta which makes Travis stand up and take notice of things he never thought possible about her. Vetta never thought she would feel the burning need to be possessed by Travis, someone she doesn’t even like.

While Travis works towards finding a cure for cancer and barely has the funding to make ends meet, Vetta who comes from a rich family has all the time in the world to choose any research project that fancies her interest. Travis could never understand how a person who as brilliant and talented as Vetta could throw away the opportunity to do some good for the world rather than work on some harebrained scheme Vetta seems to continually cook up. Now Travis is at the end of his rope, with his funds drying up and only option available is to up and leave.

However his plans of leaving take a detour once the explosive passion between Travis and Vetta takes center stage. Though Travis tries hard to keep the relationship on a purely sexual level, its hard when Vetta slowly sneaks up on him and inevitably he falls as much in love with her as Vetta is in love with him.

That doesn’t mean its going to be a happily ever after for the two, but rather when Travis gets offered the opportunity to work for a professor from his university days, Travis is all set on leaving everything that has come to mean something in his life behind. But Vetta is not one to give up without a fight and before the story is up, these two face their worst fears and work towards accepting that life without the other would be an impossible one when they have found a love so perfect after so long.

Great read, highly recommended for those who love a sexy hero with a heroine who is no shrinking violet with the bite of red hot passion to make things interesting.

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Review: My Darling Caroline by Adele Ashworth

Format: E-bookmydarlingcaroline
Read with: Amazon Kindle
Length: Novel
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Standalone
Sensuality: 3
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Hero: Earl of Weymerth Brent Ravenscroft
Heroine:  Caroline Grayson
Date of Publication: October 1, 1998
Started On: February 21, 2010
Finished On: February 22, 2010

It’s been quite sometime since I enjoyed a historical romance as this one. Adele Ashworth is definitely one author I would keep an eye on from now onwards. This romance is so heartwarming that I just can’t help but smile deep within after finishing the story of Brent and Caroline.

Brent returns from serving for England as a secret service agent and fighting the war against Napoloean Bonaparte to find his cousin to whom he had handed over his estate and finances whilst he was gone had sold his most priced possessions. A man who has a way with breeding horses, Brent finds that its Caroline’s father who had purchased his most priced collection of horses.

Willing to strike a bargain to buy them back into his possession, Brent finds Caroline’s father wants to strike a deal to marry off his 3rd daughter Caroline, whom society has already labeled  to be a spinster with no good prospective offers for her hand in sight, which is fine with Caroline since her life and passion is devoted to being a botanist and breeding different varieties of roses.

Caroline an extra ordinarily gifted woman, wants nothing to do with men but to be left alone to pursue her dreams and her one passion in life. Wanting to go off to America to pursue her study of Botany, but never finding the right way to approach her father regarding the matter, Caroline finds in her marriage a way out, an annulment from a husband who made his intentions of not wanting a wife in the first place quite clear.

However, both Brent and Caroline never factored into their little plans that they would both become irresistibly drawn to one another and eventually fall in love with such spellbinding sweetness that as the reader I couldn’t help but be enchanted.

Brent is the type of hero that you come across rarely. With a bitter childhood, and a lonely past, he is handsome and utterly drool worthy in his pursuits in seducing his rather reluctant wife to stay by his side.

An old enemy from Brent’s past who wants to ruin everything that means something to him, a deaf child Brent fathered and the tidbits from both Brent and Caroline’s pasts are intrinsically woven together together to create a tale that you can’t really put down once you have started. Wonderful love story!

Highly recommended!

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